AUG 2-4, 2020
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Sir Ken Robinson

Internationally Acclaimed Expert on Creativity and Innovation and Author, Finding Your Element, The Element and Out of Our Minds

An internationally recognized authority in creativity and innovation in education and business, Sir Ken
Robinson is also one of the world’s leading speakers. Videos of his famous talks to the prestigious TED

are the most viewed in the history of the organization and have been seen by an estimated
300 million people in over 150 countries. Called “one of the world’s elite thinkers on creativity and innovation” by Fast Company magazine, Sir Ken has received numerous awards and 
recognition for his groundbreaking contributions. He was included in Thinkers50 list of the world’s leading business thinkers and has been named one of TIME/Fortune/CNN’s Principal Voices.


More than ever it's essential to understand and develop our unique capabilities as human beings. We are deep in the throes of the fourth industrial revolution. Intelligent machines are set to sweep away countless jobs that until now could only be done by people. The casualties will include many professional roles in medicine, finance, social care, business and the service sector. As this new wave of innovation churns over our lives and work, what will be left for human beings to do? What can we do that machines cannot? What is the human advantage? In this provocative and far-sighted presentation, Sir Ken Robinson takes a searching look at the emerging powers of artificial intelligence and their likely impact on our lives and work. He then identifies our unique powers as human beings: the powers that machine intelligence may complement but cannot replace; and he shows why and how we must develop our human advantage at work, in education and in our rapidly changing communities.


Key takeaways include:

  • The rise and nature of artificial intelligence.

  • Their unpredictable impact on life, work and business.

  • The four unique capabilities of human beings.

  • The practical steps we must to take to develop them now and in future.


Dave Burgess

Dave Burgess is the New York Times best-selling author of Teach Like a PIRATE and co-author of  P is for PIRATE: Inspirational ABC’s for Educators. He received national recognition as the recipient of the 2014 BAMMY Award for Secondary School Teacher of the Year presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences.


As an award-winning  teacher from San Diego, California, he was recognized as Teacher of the Year, a Golden Apple recipient, and a faculty standout for 17 consecutive years in categories such as Most Entertaining, Most Energetic, and Most Dramatic. He specializes in teaching hard-to-reach, hard-to-motivate students with techniques that incorporate showmanship and creativity.   His dynamic and inspirational message coupled with his outrageously energetic performance style has transformed classrooms and sparked an educational revolution around the world.


Make Your Own Snow: Unconventional Ways to Disrupt The Status Quo & Crush It as an EDUpreneur

Learn how branding, community building, and a renegade approach to business completely disrupted the educational publishing world and took Dave Burgess on an entrepreneurial journey from classroom teacher to New York Times Best Selling author and CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation on  the INC 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies in the United States. More importantly, learn how to powerfully position the message you want to deliver and then effectively spread it in ways that challenge the status quo.

Inclusive Innovation: Designing for Equity

Every day new systems, processes and tools are introduced into school districts designed to create efficiencies, enhance instruction and support student learning. Today’s students are engaging in maker learning projects, interacting with digital media applications and learning coding and advanced manufacturing to prepare for careers. But, despite the billions of dollars that are invested in innovative teaching practices and learning tools, little-to-no benefit accrues to improve the outcomes for marginalized students.


Beneath the surface lies the crux of the issue—inequity is a product of design. Without prioritizing the needs, ideas and contributions of the most marginalized, the digital learning gap is inevitable and will only continue to expand. The onus is on us to open the doors for opportunities to engage marginalized populations in creating innovation to address inequity before more students are left behind. But, how?


Executive Director

League of Innovative Schools, Digital Promise


Cajon Valley Union School District

Preparing Students for the Current and Future World of Work: 
A Comprehensive K–12 Solution

The World of Work is a comprehensive K–12 curriculum solution aimed at early exposure for children to both self and career exploration in the ever-changing landscape of the global economy. Creating relevance to the real world and enabling students to map their educational goals to their possible future selves will maximize their investments in post-secondary education. World of Work empowers every child with unique strengths, interests, and values needed in the world to nurture happy kids, living in healthy relationships on a path to gainful employment.


Dr. David Miyashiro was named 2016 Superintendent of the Year by the Association of California School Administrators Region 18.  With David's leadership, Cajon Valley has undergone a seamless transition to the digital age. Cajon Valley has achieved system-wide success with blended and personalized learning where all teachers and students have 24/7 access to their own district-issued laptop, internet connectivity, and a digital ecosystem of robust resources and creativity tools. 

Ed Hidalgo's role leverages his corporate experience to the design and implementation of a world-class, research-based and integrated model of career development. He also drives a strengths-based, data-driven employee culture across the district of 1,800 employees and 17,000 students to drive hope and engagement.


Chief Innovation & Engagement Officer
Cajon Valley Union School District

Recapturing the "Lost Einsteins" to Build a Better World

There are millions of potential "lost Einsteins" around the world who lack access to innovation culture, a network and the tools to innovate. With rates of innovation in America in decline and a generation of disengaged youth and young adults, Dr. Dawley will share the Jacob's Institute approach to recapture the lost Einsteins, potentially helping tens of thousands of youth develop the innovator's mindset and skillset, and empowering the next generation to build a better world. With over 25 years of experience in education, Dr. Lisa Dawley provides leadership in the award-winning research, design and entrepreneurship of innovative learning technologies and organizations.




Executive Director
Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education
University of San Diego


Learning Experience Designer
Connally High School, Austin, TX

360° Story Lab:
A Reinvention of the Classroom 

David Conover designs learner-centered high school curriculum, and creates interactive and applied learning experiences including virtual, mixed and augmented reality. Digital Promise has selected his global Serious Blockchain Video Games Lab to experiment with new content formats such as 360 immersive storytelling. Over the past several years he has helped develop multimedia content and collaborated with corporations to produce Challenge-Based and Maker Learning experiences. David will talk about how he re-mixes Innovation in Research, Design, and Education to help his at-risk students develop their STEM learning practices. 

Want to be an Innovative School? Start with One Teacher

At Project Invent, we believe in the power of teachers and students to catalyze school-wide change. That's why we invest in teachers to prove that deeper learning matters. We train passionate educators in the important tools of design thinking, making, and entrepreneurship and support them to spend the year leading a team of high school students designing for real problems in the community. The teachers catalyze their students to make real-world change and inspire their schools to bake deeper learning into school culture. From combating language barriers to detecting sports concussions, high school students in Project Invent solve hard problems and develop the confidence and grit to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Schools end the year with a powerful proof point of what students are capable of and a teacher champion who deeply understands innovative learning. During this interactive session, Connie will discuss the importance of programs like Project Invent to get the whole school on-board with innovative learning.


Founder & Executive Director
Project Invent


Network with leading educational innovators, get inspired by engaging keynote speakers representing leading education changemakers and researchers; participate in informative breakout sessions and our Ignite Talks; experience hands-on interactive workshops and explore new learning technologies in our innovation zone!

University of San Diego, July 28–30, 2019

University of San Diego, July 29-30

Learning Experience Designer
Connally High School, Austin, TX


Call for Proposals is now closed, please submit next year!

We are seeking proposals that:

  • Inspire and connect educational innovators

  • Empower all learners and leaders to access and engage in innovation

  • Foster educational innovation by showcasing effective curriculum, programs, and practices

  • Advance research and knowledge about innovative learning, teaching, and leadership

  • Enhance innovation in the classroom through the use of emerging technologies and space design














Assoc. Director of Research

Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education

Pre-Conference Workshops

STEM + WoW (STEM Career Pathways)

Sunday, July 28th, 9–12:30 PM

STEM WoW is an integrated approach to informal and formal learning which demonstrates how to foster K–12 students’ current individual interests, competencies, and values in alignment with career pathways and to engage in rigorous hands-on STEM activities inspired by real world situations. Grounded in research with the National Science Foundation, this hands-on workshop is for K–12 teachers, instructional designers, ed innovators, informal educational practitioners, university faculty and other school leaders interested in STEM career pathways.

During this workshop participants will be guided in how to a) develop K–12 students’ self-concept through exploration of their current abilities, interests and values and an awareness of how those may align to STEM activities and work opportunities regionally, nationally, and globally; (b) how to engage students in rich STEM explorations and team projects, so they can discover how their current interests align with the various possibilities available in STEM; (c) how to create opportunities for students to realize that they are capable of developing new talents through a process that includes failed attempts, focused practice, hard work, and perseverance.


Managing Researcher

Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education

Introduction to Data Strategies for Educational Innovation

Sunday, July 28th, 1–5 PM

Successfully using data to demonstrate the outcomes and visualize the impacts of educational innovation is crucial. What are the meaningful data and how do you collect data wisely? More importantly, how do you generate insights from data and visualize in a way all stakeholders can understand? In this workshop, you will learn the different approaches to think about and how to utilize data. You will also learn how to use data visualizations, dashboards, or infographics to communicate actionable insights or inform the decision-making process. You will have an opportunity to critically evaluate different data strategies and come up with a plan that will work the best for your program, your data set, or your question.

We want to give visibility to new data analytics tools and resources. If you have a question, data set, idea or a problem related to the data use in education, please bring it to this workshop. 

Now open through April 22, 2019

We are seeking proposals that:
* Inspire and connect educational innovators
* Empower all learners and leaders to access and engage in innovation
* Foster educational innovation by showcasing effective curriculum, programs, and practices
* Advance research and knowledge about innovative learning, teaching, and leadership
* Enhance innovation in the classroom through the use of emerging technologies


Located in beautiful San Diego, the University of San Diego (USD) was recognized by The Princeton Review as the Most Beautiful Campus in the U.S. Hosting 200 attendees, this intimate venue promotes relationship building and hands-on learning with some of education industry's leading innovators. Tickets will sell out early!


We are located overlooking Mission Bay, close to downtown, Sea World, Mariner's Village and other San Diego attractions. Parking will be available on campus for a small fee, however, many people stay nearby in local hotels and use Lyft or Uber for transportation.






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PARK in the West Campus parking lot, trams arrive every few minutes to bring you up the hill. Onsite registration is in the School of Leadership & Education Sciences building (Mother Rosalie Hall).
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